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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Clean eating day 7 Plus Cheat Meal!

So.. to stay sane and to be able to stick to your "diet" incorporating a cheat meal once a week will keep you happier.

A cheat meal can also be "kept" for a night out, dinner at a friends, or for something you habe really been craving.
Knowing I can have a cheat meal keeps me better focused on the rest of the week.

This weeks cheat meal.. pork ribs. First dry rub and cooked for a few hours on low then bbq with delish bbq sauce. I did have a glass of Arbonne full control so I can indulge and be full without ingesting my weeks worth of calories :) I also made a ceasars salad which is notorious for being bad for you.. i always make my own dressings and this is a great way of controlling your ingredient list.. I also either make my own croutons or dont have any at all..just using thick cut bacon from my local butcher who uses local farms.

Healthy breakfast of greek yoghurt wild blueberries arbonne vanilla protein and hemp seeds (amazing and Will get their own post!!!)

Snack of apple "pizza" slices.. natural pb and toppings (a huge hit with my kids too!)

I also made some clean salmon cakes that are great hot or cold.

Eat clean, make healthy choices, drink your water, and love life!

I will keep occasionally posting healthy food options & recipes.

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