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Monday, 5 January 2015

Shoulders and cardio

Loved this Sunday morning workout! There was very few people in the gym, so space and equipment was totally up for grabs!

I passed on the cardio machines and set up a little workout to get the heart pumping and the body warmed up.

50high knees


I had only about an hour so I chose high intensity and only one main muscle (shoulders)

Once warmed up I chose multiple shoulder exercises alternating with a cardio move to keep the heart rate up. All shoulder exercises were alternating lighter weight (to 12reps) and heavier weight (max out at 6reps) 4sets (2 of each weight)..examples are below!

-shoulder flys to the side 12lbs to 12reps, alternate with the skater jumps to 25, then 20lbs to 6reps (pictures of these are attached below!)

-seated shoulder press with 50lbs for 12reps alternate with bench step ups to 25 then 80lbs for 6

Etc. Etc.. find exercises that work the muscle group you are targeting and keep the heart rate up in between. This will really burn calories and increase your cardiovascular health.. all in a small amount of time.

Anyone can go to the gym for an hour.. what you make of it is up to you!

Xo in health and happiness for 2015!

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