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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cooking "en masse"

It is alwaus a greay idea to cook a lot of food at one time.. especially things you can can change up through the week.

When you are prepping vegetables..what's one more of each?

Cook two chicken breasts or four?

These are huge timemsavers, make your weekday meals easier to put together, and helps you stay on track. Here are few tips andnideas like I like to incorporate into my week.

-at the beginning of the week cut up a healthy of celery and a bag of carrots and keep them in the fridge.

-make your healthy baked good. A couple dozen protein pancakes, coconut flour muffins, protein balls etc etc..

-boil a pot of quinoa..perfect for a quick base for stirfrys or salads or hot breakfast.

-saute a bunch of mixed veges. Keep simple and plain so that they can be thrown into an omelet, added to shrimp and made into a curry, or a quick hearty salad with feta and balsamic.

-cook 4ish chicken breasts.  Slick them and have ready for a quick sandwich, to grab for a lunch in a tortilla with salsa and greek yogurt and avocado... ot I will nibble on a few pieces when im craving a snack but not actually hungry. .a touch of siracha ..yummy

Cook in bulk and set yourself up for success the rest of the week :)

Eat clean and train dirty my friends :)

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