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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Clean eating day 5

Day 5 already! Time flys my friends whether you eat healthy and get moving or not!
Same start as usual... water! !!
Breakfast was a protein pancake, (leftover) then vitamins and supps
Snack..which was post workout.. Arbonne shake, this time done up with yummy things like greens ...mmmmm
Lunch was chicken soup (leftover) and a toasted avocado, tomato and bacon (yes bacon!) Sandwich.. SO DELICIOUS. 

Snack was an Apple with PButter (sorry forgot the pic)

Supper salmon with almonds on lentil puree with mixed vegetable bean and quinoa salad

Snack.. chai tea with some salad and pb on Melba toast
*** I also added pics of the salmon as I bought a whole wild salmon and then deboned it at home. Im left the skin on and Cooke it skin side down on foil. When you serve the skin stays attached to the foil and the meat comes clean! I'm personally like it better with a pecan topping but almonds worked! Gracie is helping take out some pin bones :)

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