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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Clean eating day 3

Happy Wednesday! 
Today was a bit different as I was busy setting up some decor for this weekend and well... I forgot to talk pictures of my snacks but here is a list with as many pics as I have :)
Started with breakfast of a protein pancake. I ate half.. other half still in the fridge for another day. (Oatmeal, protein powder, fiber boost, mashed banana, flax, 2 eggs.mix and yummy! Serve with REAL maple syrup) black coffee
Milk and vitamins
Snack was post workout shake with water
Arbonne fizz tab in my 2nd liter of water after the gym
Packed bag in the morning with lunch and healthy snacks to keep me on track!
Lunch was at a hall I was taking down decorating from.. i put aside a few meatballs from when I was making supper and had some leftover veges cooked up so add a little low sodium soy sauce and it makes for a great lunch! Prepping extra of things makes it easier the rest of the week.
Snack (only pic is of me setting up holding my snack???) Tim Hortons black dark roast coffee and an orange (frig they are juicy and good right now)
Supper was at my sister in laws. I started at home with a glass of the Arbonne full control which is a fiber based drink that gells in your tummy making you feel full (While giving you vitamins, antioxidants,  and minerals too.) It is excellent to help control portion size. Tastes like watermelon, and also adds to your daily liquid count.
Supper at Lornas pork tenderloin, wild rice,  carrots, salad, and roasted leeks. Yum.
Snack I had two protein balls and a cup of tea. I was up late and needed soemthing around 11:30 so I ate two celery with peanut butter.
Healthy choices!

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