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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cookies for Breakfast (nom nom nom)

Breakfast is very important but sometimes (or all the time depending on your morning routine) we just dont have time to sit and eat something that will start our metabolism off to a burning start.

Here are some healthy and yummy breakfast COOKIES that you can grab and go any time of day.  Spend 30minutes mixing these up (one bowl!!!) And be prepared all week long. They are not suoer sweet..just right actually, but you can also warm them up and drizzle with a little REAL maple syrup too!

They are flourless,  sugarless,  and contain healthy fats, fruit, nuts, and complex carbs.

4cups quick oats (I use large flake)
4large bananas
1/2 c natural honey
1 1/2c coconut
1c coconut butter (oil)
1c ground flax seed
2c dried dates
1t sea salt
2tsp cinnamon
2c natural peanut butter

Mix and make big cookies! Bake 325° for about 20-25min . Still a touch soft :)


**if you are not yet familiar with coconut butter, I have a couple pictures to show you how it looks in the jar and what happens when heated. I will do a pist about how awesome this healthy fat is.. but trust me, it is good for you and delicious!

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