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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Whats your crutch?

Whats your crutch? What can you absolutely,  positively,  not do without?

Hands down, mine is coffee. I can't pinpoint where and when exactly it became such a necessity..possibly the late nights in college..and no, not late becasue I was studying ;) .

I have managed to scale it back to black over the years and that certainly helps me justify it as it IS low in calories. It also often helps curb a craving for something sweet or more emotional eating where I just put on a cup of joe and all is well again.

When I feel like im a little over the limit in caffeine consumption I will swap in an herbal tea or an Arbonne fizz tab with guana that gives me a kick without the caffeine crash.

Indulging a little is ok as long as it doesnt derail your schedule and goals. With a diet plan we often incorporate a cheat meal once a week. With having that on the schedule it is easier to keep to clean eating for the remaining 6days.

Are you addicted to something that is keeping you from your dream body/state of health/personal fitness goals? (Like 4 donuts a day perhaps ;)  ) Commit to 30 days of going without..swapping in a healthy option. Habits are learned...good habits and bad habits... go thirty days and prove you can do it!!

Honestly, there are mornings when I feel like a crank junkie... hands shaking as I grind my morning coffee beans, mouth salivating at the thought of the rich dark liquid hitting my lips. .. coffee is my crutch. I either make a french press (see pic) or refill the reusable Keurig k-cup (see pic) but I always have the Kicking Horse coffee.. usually the kick ass variety as it is a dark blend and delicious.  This brand is organic (meeting all Canadian, US and EU standards) , fair trade, roasted in Canada, and they support the Canadian Nature Conservancy. Be aware when shopping and make choices that support the things you believe in.  Also with names like kick ass, half ass (their decaf blend) , 454 horsepower,  and grizzly claw.. I also get a bit of a chuckle in the am and can appreciate their look, brand and sense of humour.

For now im keeping it. January 1 I will be starting Arbonnes 30 day fit challenge and that includes no caffeine.. I will keep you posted. 

Moderation my friends!

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