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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Staying on track when travelling

Soooooo... last week my local gym was closed (see previous post) and for the first four days I checked out another gym.

After that Maddy and I were on a road trip to see/meet her family and friends and host sone Arbonne parties.

We drove for 10hours through a storm and behind quite a few sets of plows.. needless to say our bodies were pretty stiff.

The weekend was a great success and we visited London,  Guelph and Kincardine.  I was able to meet all of the people she regularly talks about and we intorduced them to the incredible products and business model that Arbonne offers.

We also did a fair amount of socializing which included quite a few types of craft beer.... every night :/ ... a bit of moonshine (yikes!) And a good quantity of red wine. 

We ate pretty well as its natural for both of us to seek out healthy option when it comes to food.. but the only exercise was the significant amount of walking while shopping.

Here are some tip when travelling and out of your regular schedule to stay active and healthy:

-bring healthy snack with you! Nuts, dried fruits, protein balls, etc etc.. when you have options you will be less likely to pull into the hundreds of fast food places that tempt you along the roads

-choose tea over coffee.  Herbal and green teas are hydrating and satisfy that "need something hot" feeling.

-when eating out look for options! There is always a healthier (and very tasty!) Menus choices.

- dont forget WATER, WATER, WATER!

-trying new gyms are fun but there are many ways to add a bit of exercise into your time away.. walk the streets, see the city, park far away from the mall/restaurant, do some sit ups, jumping jacks and pushups in your room befor tou shower. . Etc etc.. find a few ways to get you moving..even a little.

-Alcohol  .. you be the judge here.. ;) only advice.. get a glass of water every time you get a drink. . Take at least a few sips as the night goes on.

Post weekend my body really needed water and the gym.

That bring us to thus week.

Monday was actually a great workout. I have extra strength from the longer rest time and I hit shoulders biceps and triceps going up in weight in all... my cardio was a different storey and I was dragging my butt mostly from lack of water.

Yesterday Maddy and I murdered our back and chest.. went all out and boy am I feeling it today! Cardio was great as I went back to my BF Jake (please see previous post "date with Jake" if you dont know that he is actually a cardio/ladder climbing machine that makes you S-W-E-A-T 

Getting back to the gym/getting on schedule can be hard when you have a few days off but dont miss it.....  the first day back you need to just do it.. laundry can wait, the messy house can wait..  or plan a differ time..whatever..just get there. Make it a non-negotiable. GET THERE.


Below are a few pics from the weekend.. fun times!

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