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Thursday, 11 December 2014

New gym... new workouts

Soooooooooo ...   my regular gym is closed this week for a maintenance thing... Maddy and I ..along with many regulars we often see went searching out for other options. I have been to the local college, I have seen another gym in Cobalt (but they dont offer day pass), I have been to the Englehart gym, have worked out at home, outside and everywhere in between. This week im head in to Guelph and Kincardine and look forward to checking out gyms there too!  I would rather see a new gym then a new mall  ;) but thats a personal thing!

A small gym in Haileybury opened up this year and has a reasonable drop in rate and here are my thoughts (which I shared with the owner of course :) )

Cardio machines are great..treadmills, recumbent bike and eliptical, rowing machine and they also have a mountain climber which I totally L-O-V-E .. see pictures.

They also have a bowflex type machine that uses cables and can hit every muscle type. This isn't my first choice and prefer free weights but it gets the job done and change things up a bit.

Free weights are some small dumbbells.

They do have a boxing bag and speed ball.

So.. with the equipment provided Monday hit legs, tuesday chest/back and Wednesday shoulders/bis/tri's with Interval HIIT cardio as well.

Use what you have and get active...whether thats at home or at the gym.. gind a place where you are comfortable and burn some calories.

I do look forward to gping back to the Pool fitness center in Liskeard next week but hapoy I checked out another place.. and for $5 drop in rate...that mountain climber machine alone is worth it!

Live your best life, make good habits and be happy!

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