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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Going heavy Continued ...f.. yeah!

I am in LOVE with my current workout.. and though I will change it up a little from what is written (sorry Jeff!) .. I am totally into the regular set then heavy set.. like love love love. . ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

i have never hit the weights I have been doing these last couple weeks.. like EVER.

Today was chest and back (yep tuesday!!) And so Maddy and i pushed each other and were doing really heavy sh**. SO rewarding when you see such gaines.

Lat pull down we were doing 85 for 12 reps  and then 105 for 6 .. WHAAAAAT!?!?!  I have honestly never done triple digits. Seated row was the same weight. 

Though through all exercises we were up and feeling tired but totally pumped hitting new PB's (personal best) . With anything you do →always strive to better YOUR personal best.. not anyone else's.

What we did today: 

HIIT on the treadmill for 25min

Pull ups ..unassisted still at 6


Chest fly machine

Lat pull downs

Chainsaw pulls

Row machine

Barbell row


Keep health and happiness :)


And yes.. sometimes I wear pigtails... and yes.. I am 35 ;) :P

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