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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Measurements - December 3

Wow, I cant believe it has been two months since my first measurments! Time flys when you're having fun :)

My girl Deb and I got together post workout and I am really happy about my progress. If you can get the same person to measure you it is best.. and make sure they know what they are doing!!! If your not sure exactky where tou should be wrapping the tape.. checkout my previous post from end of September "measurements own it!"

 I knew I would see some pretty good losses becasue i was coming off injury (knee surgery, months in my hubbys lazy boy doing F all) .  So before I go into the numbers I wanted to mention some other benefits I have seen.

Energy levels are up, confidence is up, cloths definitely fit and feel better, I no longer get chills (what the heck was up with that!?!? ) probably becasue my metabolism is starting to really hum along. My cardio is significantly better as well as my flexibility. Oh.. ha! And I can use my right leg, bend it well with little swelling and although it is not 100% and I am still struggling with getting strength back.  It is getting better every day.. cant wait till I can squat more then I can bench press!! ;)

Ok.... here it is:

Chest 34 3/4 down 3/4" bye bye back fat :)

Bicep 10.5" down 1.5".. didnt realize I was pretty flabby there until looking at the numbers!

Waist 27.5" down 3"  holy this is awesome!

Hips 37.5" down 1/2"

Thighs 21.5"  down 3" woop woop

Calf 13 3/4" down 1 1/4"

This is SO rewarding and yes.. I do have a ways to go and no..  im not where I used to be.. but I am on my way!!! And here is the kicker and also why you need to do measurements rather then step on a  scale.. my weight hasn't changed!!!

↓fat ↑ muscle

Also just want to note that the only thing I have been changing is the workout/add-in exercise. I am certainly not on a diet of any kind and though I try to eat clean, I am not depriving myself of anything as yet. Conscious and aware .. yes .. cutting out carbs ..nope... no alcohol.. no way! Not yet! Occasional treats.... yes. :) .. 

Looking at these numbers makes me want to push myself even more.. and although my thigh measurement may be someone elses waist measurement or vise versa.. my hip meas. might be someones waist meas... none of that matters.  Sure im posting mine.. and I hope it helps to motivate you but not becasue you need to compare your numbers to mine.. only so that you realize the only person im trying to better is myself and I hope you can have the confidence to do the same.

Be the light for others!  Xo xoxox

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