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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Clean eating chicken balls

I love making recipes CLEAN ..

Basically that means that they have to follow all of the clean eating rules AND still taste great.. because food is fuel ..the better the fuel..the better your body will run...  but it is also one of lifes greatest pleasures..  im not interetsed in eating anything that tastes like cardboard or kleenex..

I am very much a meatetarian ..  meat and veges  is basically what I cook most often for supper. ~ lamb, steak, chicken, salmon, lean pork, lean hamburger,  ground chicken, turkey, tuna as well as any wild meat.. yummmmmm partridge.. and every vegetable under the sun.. also some clean carbs and occasionally pasta.

In all honesty, my cooking is much like my working out (and my life in general) .. I dont really plan what im going to cook and I definitely never cook the same thing in a month.. having Fridays as pizza day, wednesday as pot roast and monday as mac and cheese is not something that appeals I also dont do leftovers
.. eat it.once... maaayyybee for mmmmm lunch or breakfast the next day but probably not.  So .. I go to the grocery what looks fresh.. buy it and make supper that night. We keep staples on hand... greek yogurt, fruit, milk, eggs (always!) ans nuts.. small amount of pantry items like.peanut butter, olive oil, herbs & spices, honey, whole wheat bread, brown rice cakes etc etc.

Typically our meat comes froma  local Mennonite butcher. The cuts and quality are better then anyone else.. they make their own breakfast sausage and their bacon barely shribks with littlenamount of grease melting off.... seriously these will be a post all on their own. Today prime ground chicken was on special at the local Independent Grocer and so I went woth that.. got home and decided to make meatballs..... clean meatballs.

Im not a recipe kinda girl but here is approx so you can make them at home.

2lbs ground chicken, 1c ish oatmeal flour (basically throw oatmeal in bullet and shake and grind till four) , 2 eggs, sea salt and ground pepper..mix. I found it a little soft so I added a good handful of whole oatmeal too.

Mix with your hands, pull out balls and fry in a little cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.  use a pan that can go into the oven becasue once you get a nice golden yummy crust throw them into a 350° oven and cook 20ish minutes till no longer pink..this will depend on size of to check by splitting one open.

I made a sweet & sour sauce for the family but kept mine out ad they were delicious on thier own and I want to start dialing in my diet a little.  I had my sister in law, brother and their kiddos over too so I made some basmati rice, carrots and a salad of spinach, pomegranate (STOKED when these are back in season of my absolute favorite fruits), almond slices, and feta with homemade balsamic dressing.. (please make your own dressing!!!!!) . 

Supper took little time, I have salad and chicken balls leftover for lunch, kids love anything that looks like a ball.. and they were easy to make, provided protein, were filling, healthy and low in fat.. perfect!

Take the time to eat at home. Make food. Know what you are adding and eating. Show your kids how to cook. Give your body the very best so it can perform the best.


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