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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gym Rat ♡

GYM RAT → Is it a good term, or a derogatory one?

I would lovingly call my derby wife and I, along with the many regulars I see at the gym (you know who you are!) Gym rats.

Personally I think.. if you are going to be a "rat" at anything.. a gym rat would be the best possible kind.. significantly better then a bar rat, or DQ rat, or office rate right??? Agreed. So.. this got me thinking.. what exactly quantifies one as a quote unquote gym rat? Hours? Commitment? Personality? And here is basically my thoughts.

-time. Bottom line is that if you are not in the gym for a decent amount of time.. the label just doesnt apply. How much time??? Well.. depending on your intensity from 1-3hours a day 4-5 days a week. If you are putting in these numbers you most certainly earn the title. NoW .. if you are not hitting this but the next points speak right to your heart ♡ .. that trumps time in my opinion.

- your thoughts and actions about health, wellness and working out are borderline an addiction and the word "junkie" comes to mind.

- all free time is spent at the gym

-when you cannot be reached, loved ones know exactly where you are.. the free weight room

-you know the best times and the best order to work every machine

-have nicknames for your favorite cardio machines and equipment (see previous post about my crush on Jake)

-know all gym staff by name and possibly know their work schedules

-always bring your gym bag in the car "just in case" you get some extra time through the day

-would prefer a first date (or any date) to start at the gym.. I mean how can you date someone if you dont know what they press?  :P JK on the press.. but not on the date idea ;)

-entire social calender revolves around your workouts

-no need to schedule in your gym time or have a reminder for yourself to go.... its a non-negotiable

-you have more workout cloths in your laundry basket then "regular" ones.

-you constantly youtube exercise videos and for entertainment would rather videos on exercise fails then the latest block buster.

-you bypass the 3000 other magazines with 75lb models and go right to bodybuilding or oxygen mag showing 300lb men, ladies with biceps and round booty s & articles on how to eat more and build lean muscle.

-you know 99% of the other gym goers.. if not by name, then by head nod/smile/ and friendly "hey".

And finally, you know you are a gym rat if you are goal orientated, fast, strong, love pumping serious iron, burning calories and put your own health above all else.

Protein shake CHEERS to my fellow Gym Rats! ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Kara

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